Application tips

We would like to use these tips to allay any "fear" that you may have regarding coloured asphalt with DEKOBIT, because quality can be planned.

Working with coloured asphalt requires care above all and the correct preparation.

Basically, the following general conditions apply.

• Pigments of different quality (and hence different prices) have different colour intensity and colour consistency. (For example, iron oxide changes quickly from red to brown.)
• Slight deviations from the true colour are possible.
• The final shade is usually only established after a certain amount of time.
• A slight amount of fading over time (as is the case with other materials) cannot be avoided.
• RAL shades can only be achieved approximately.
• Match the rock to the shade of the asphalt.
• Use the right, colourless binding agent: DEKOBIT

You can find more installation tips in the download area!

Another desirable condition is for the installation crew that carries out the coloured asphalt work to approach the job with passion and a love of detail.

We hope that with these tips, we have shed some light on coloured asphalt with DEKOBIT.