The colourless binding agent of the BHG DEKOBIT series.

Mastic asphalt surfaces with BHG DEKOBIT C 35/50 ASP can be made, processed and installed the same way and at the same speed as mastic asphalt with "normal" bitumen.

BHG DEKOBIT C 35/50 ASP provides numerous application possibilities and advantages for use as mastic asphalt. For example, it makes it possible to create coloured traffic areas for clear separation of bus lanes, footpaths and cycling paths, for better light conditions and greater safety in tunnels and for more design freedom for landscape designers and architects.

The installation properties correspond to conventional bitumen so that no special equipment is required for the installation. Use BHG DEKOBIT C 35/50 ASP without coloured pigment to do justice to the natural colours and textures of the mineral substance being used. A wide range of colours can be achieved by adding small amounts of pigment.